Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition:
Mitochondrial Biogenesis

Go longer. Go stronger.

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OPITAC™’s cellular support
fights everyday damage,
extends cell vitality.

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Skin Beauty

Skin Beauty:
Beauty from Within

Awaken resources
your body holds in store…

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KOHJIN Life Sciences, a GMP approved factory, has been the largest provider of Glutathione in the world since 1968. We provide high-quality Glutathione “OPITAC™” with excellent scientific evidences.

The brand name OPITAC™ is inspired by the words “optimize” and “intact”. We chose the trade name based on Glutathione’s fundamental function to optimize health. “Tac” stands for KOHJIN’s breakthrough human clinical study which demonstrated single-dose intact absorption of Glutathione for the first time.

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