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Detoxification & Antioxidation

It’s known that every cell in the human body is subject to over 10,000 attacks by free radicals daily. Glutathione mediates the oxidation of cells at the mitochondrial level, and as measured using DPPH methodology, enhances the effects of other antioxidants synergistically. Oxidation can’t be abated by dietary supplementation alone, but in studies, the antioxidant benefit of Vitamin C, for example, nearly doubles in combinatory effect with Glutathione. So the addition of Glutathione improves the already antioxidant-rich diet that health-conscious consumers strive for, and the products they seek in that pursuit. The result is healthy, prolific cell life, resistance to aging, and protraction of the “glow of youth” that we experience early in our lives, before age takes its effect on Glutathione volumes in the body.

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