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Sports Nutrition

Because such popular sports as distance running and weight training are forms of self-induced stress, it became clear to KOHJIN’s researchers that the same biochemical mechanisms that facilitate improved physical response to stressors would benefit athletes and all who aspire to athletic improvement.

KOHJIN, with assistance from Kyoto Prefectural University and Karolinska Institute, set out to map the mechanism by which OPITAC™ Glutathione led to improved conditioning against fatigue during vigorous physical activity. This breakthrough came with a series of in vivo and human clinical studies that showed, for the first time, evidence of mitochondrial biogenesis resulting from the ingestion of OPITAC™. The study proved that daily oral administration of OPITAC™ resulted in enhancing aerobic metabolism, and Mitochondrial DNA expression in skeletal muscle, accelerating fatty acid utilization. The results made it clear that ingesting OPITAC™ improved lipid metabolism and acidification in muscle during exercise, which leads to increased lipid metabolism and decreased muscle fatigue (US Patent Pub. No. US2016/0158309 A1).

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